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Summer has arrived and we’re not just talking about the weather!

Byron’s summer specials are here launching Tuesday 2nd July. With our Caesar specials and some fun new margaritas, we’re ready to enjoy the sunshine and lots of great food and drinks at Byron this summer…

Byron Summer 20240121_WebRes.jpg


There is nothing better than a Caesar salad and fries in the summer, but maybe there is? Introducing our Caesar Burger; a parmesan crouton fried chicken breast is sandwiched in between a garlic butter brushed bun alongside Caesar dressed salad, lettuce, streaky bacon, parmesan shavings and some extra Caesar dressing.


If you’re feeling more classic we have the Caesar salad itself: Lettuce, our parmesan crouton fried chicken breast, streaky bacon, parmesan shavings, croutons and Caesar dressing.


Our parmesan and crouton fried chicken was so good we’ve also turned it into tenders served with Caesar dressing for when you can’t get enough.


Visit Byron and make it a meal by adding fries and a classic soft drink to your order for just £3.50, the perfect summer meal!



It’s not just our food specials we have on offer this summer. We are also partnering with Pimentae drinks to bring you margaritas!

Enjoy a Classic or Spicy Margarita this summer at Byron, and if you’re popping by for a click and collect on your way to the park or ordering on Deliveroo we also have cans available!


We’re very proud to be partnering with Pimentae, a female founded, sustainably focused and leading Tequilla cocktail brand this summer. Find out more about them here

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