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In 2007, Byron's founder returned from the USA and set out on a mission to bring indulgent and satisfying burgers to the UK, transforming the British burger scene.


Ever since, Byron has taken pride in creating proper burgers and continues to strive for the best burger this side of the pond.


Serving proper burgers means working with great partners to ensure top quality ingredients for our guests.


Proper burgers need proper beef. We have worked with Alden's, a Oxford based family run butcher since 1793, to create our signature Byron patties. 

We're proud to work with a prestigious butcher which is also focused on the future, finding ways to improve their sustainability, whilst creating top quality beef patties.

Our beef is all sourced in the South West of England. Selected cuts of Brisket, Chuck and Rip Cap are then dry aged to bring out a deeper meatier flavour before being ground into our Byron patties. 

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We strive to use top quality ingredients to ensure top quality burgers. As well as our beef, all components of our menu are carefully considered.


Our baker produces our signature bun, a cross between a malted and brioche bun to create the perfect pairing for any of our burgers. 

We proudly work with great suppliers in all areas from our beef and buns to drinks to sauces, working with an array of brands ranging from larger brands like Brooklyn Brewery and Heinz to smaller companies such as Wilderbee Hot Honey and Pickle House.


We have a huge array of vegan options available at Byron. You're able to transform our burgers into a vegan alternative, as well as grabbing some great vegan sides and shakes. We also offer vegetarian burgers and if you're somewhere in between, you can build your own Byron and create a mix of ingredients to suit your preferences. 

We're proud to partner with industry leading plant based brands such as Beyond Meat, TiNDLE, and La Vie. We also cater for gluten free and halal requirements.

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At Byron, our people are at the heart of everything we do. 

We love the energy and creativity that each person brings, and encourage everyone to be themselves. This makes for a fun and welcoming atmosphere, both for our staff and our guests. On average, our team members have been with us for 2.5 years, and nearly 20% have been part of the Byron family for over five years.

From our talented chefs to our friendly servers, everyone knows our menu inside and out, they can tell you all about the cuts in our 30-day dry-aged beef patties and the fresh ingredients that make our dishes special.

A happy team creates a positive and inviting environment, making every visit special. Our people are what make us unique, and we’re proud of the blend of talent, personality, and passion that defines Byron.


From the plant based ingredients and dishes on our menu to the partners we choose to work with, we are becomingly increasingly aware of our climate impact and the need to work on our sustainability. All our packaging is now recyclable and we are making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible in a variety of ways.

We are conscious to work with great partners that are also focused on sustainability and looking to the future. 

It is also important for us to give back to the communities we are based in by working on charitable projects individually and across Byron. We most recently partnered with Trussel Trust a UK foodbank donation service to help support the incredible work that they do. As a team we are constantly looking for new opportunities to get involved with and support local community work.

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