About Us

Founder Tom Byng went to the USA & came back with a mission. Together with Head Chef Fred Smith, they created a signature range of indulgent and super satisfying burgers, driven by the belief that nothing beats a big juicy burger. With that, Byron was born in 2007 around the UK, transforming the British burger scene beyond recognition.

Everyone wants to know where their meal is coming from. As you should. We pride in cracking top-quality ingredients and forming humble relationships with our supply chain. And so here it is: 

The Byron 6 oz patty is made with grass-fed beef and packed full with our bespoke blend of minced Angus, Charolais & Hereford prime beef forequarter cuts. The result is an extraordinary, signature burger that is high in flavour, succulence, tenderness, and incomparable richness. Sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms using a completely sustainable process to produce the meat. 

All we do is season with a pinch of salt and pepper, let it sizzle on the grill and watch the magic happen. 

Gutsy, no fuss & no-nonsense food. That’s what life is all about. 

Do one thing, and do it properly, with plenty of cheekiness along the way.  

Disruptive, indulgent and fun, THAT’s what Byron is all about. From our big beefy patties, to our signage and right down to our secret Byron sauce, we ooze character and undeniable fusions to create a foodie experience that people crave.  

We like to be contrary to the ‘norm’, because we want to stand out, and set the trends for the wider burger world. Bigger, better, bolder... every restaurant looks different, every experience feels fresh, but every burger remains consistently tasty.  
If we’re slightly out of reach, fear not, our burgers on bikes are spreading across the country and you’ll likely find us on Deliveroo near you. Whether you get your Byron fix at home or in our fun filled restaurants, we’re sure you’ll be licking your lips and coming back for more.