New Byron Lager Has Landed

Friends, it’s here. A beer brewed specially for our burgers. Introducing new Byron Lager, made alongside the legends at London Fields Brewery.

This can clocks in at 4.0% and is an exclusive to Byron, with its flavours carefully chosen to enhance your burger experience. You can pick it up at all our restaurants, or on Deliveroo for a post-10pm beer sesh. 

It’s inspired by classic German pale lagers – sessionable, thanks to a light and biscuity profile. Or if you want to whip out the technical term, it’s Helles style. 

Gabs from London Fields Brewery reckons you should pair it with a B-Rex. “That burger is a full-on experience – the richness and size of it, plus a lot of classic ingredients: beef patty, cheese, bacon. You want a Helles to balance that all out – it’ll refresh rather than shock your palate.  

“Then the bready maltiness plays with the spice – jalapenos, onion ring, BBQ sauce. For similar reasons, it goes really well with a Chilli burger or portion of chicken wings. Anything cheesy, anything spicy. And it doesn’t have loads of carbonation, so it won’t weigh you down.

“It’s a comforting beer – the Helles style will take you back to great European holidays. I think it’s like rocking back on a sofa and listening to smooth RnB.” 

Oh, and also – as much as we love the in-depth stuff, we’re super proud of the way the can pops as well. Just look at it! 

Hope you enjoy too. 

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